All our products undergo stringent testing to IEC EN 60439 standards before leaving our premises including:

  • A visual survey ensures correct placing of all components, and that all live conductors are shrouded to prevent accidental personal injury. This survey will also ensure that all signs and labels requested by the customer are in place and that all necessary parts and instructions for assembly are dispatched with the panel.
  • A mechanical inspection checks the quality of mechanical items including hand operated devices and mechanical interlocks. During this inspection, all electrical connections are torqued as per the manufacturers’ recommendations and all wiring to doors and live conductors are mechanically protected.
  • An electrical inspection tests the main instrument circuits, including a functioning test of the control circuit and the wiring and PLC, if appropriate.
  • A high voltage test will also be carried out to maximum of 4KV (2.5kv for 1 minute recommended).
  • Photographs are taken of each board and are archived with the final as-built drawings. If required, we will carry out commissioning and final testing on site.

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